Friday, March 8, 2013

March into Louboutins

 I got a new camera recently and Im trying to learn how to be a better photographer manually.  Daring to take it off the automatic settings!   I love when art and science come together to create history!  Every year around February or March I get an extra boost of inspiration & motivation.  Im ready to tackle new projects.  It seems like a natural occurrence that happens along with Spring, the beginning of a new year, when things start to bloom and take shape.  Maybe its cosmically connected to my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  Either way I am motivated to attempt to master a few new projects this year.  I went out into the field today to take some photos,  and realized how much more work I need to put into styling my hair and outfits!

My outfit: James Perse sweater dress, Prada boots, Vintage Kimono outerwear.  My friend in the first photo is sporting a pair of louboutins.

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