Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am Grateful

I was so lucky to go back to Coachella for the second weekend and see some of the artist that I missed the first weekend.  The second weekend seemed a lot more quiet than the first, but that was not the same on stage.  The music was still phenomenal!  I got to say hi to some of the guys from Jurassic 5.  They really put on such a great show the first weekend, that we decided to watch them again.  This time our friends invited us on stage, where I took some great shots of the crowd!  I am so glad that these guys have reunited and are bringing back some positive hip hop.  

I met up with some friends and watched Moby in the Sahara tent.  I ran all around and got some pretty good shots of the talented vegan musician.  He once told me about his favorite restaurant near my house called Cafe Gratitude.  As if I wasn't a huge fan already, I instantly fell in love.  He is so kind, smart, talented, & humble.  A friend of mine who was pet sitting for me mentioned seeing him at Cafe Gratitude on Sunday night, the day after his amazing performance at Coachella.  

The one artist I was sad about missing the first weekend was Janelle Monae.  After seeing her show the second weekend, I knew why I felt like I had missed something.  She really put on a great performance and I got some great shots of her sweating, screaming, and crowd surfing!  Not only can this girl sing & dance, she does it with soul & passion.  Her beautiful hair updo at one point turned into a huge lions mane and she continued to rock it.   

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